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Aveneera works best with small to medium-sized businesses, although Aveneera will provide value to any business.  How small is a small business?  This is generally a development organization of at least 10 people.  How big is a medium-sized business?  Well, it's the size of the development organization that is key.  For example, let's look at an organization whose primary business is in pharmaceuticals.  This organization might have a development organization of < 100 while the rest of the company might be well over 10,000.  Aveneera views this organization as a medium-sized business.

Why does Aveneera prefer to work with smaller development organizations?  Aveneera wants to make a major difference in an organization's software.  Let's say, "a big fish in a small pond."  They want to get in and have strong connections to upper management, the product organization and multiple teams within the development organization.  They want to help drive product innovation, software standards and reliability.  

What industries does Aveneera focus on?  Aveneera doesn't focus on specific industries.  Instead they focus on specific technologies.  Aveneera believes that the strong connection with the product organization will give them the required business knowledge to build beautiful and functional software.

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Aveneera, though young, is already making significant waves in the tech staff augmentation landscape. Founded by a seasoned tech professional with over 25 years of diverse experience in software development roles, ranging from mobile apps to B2B and B2C software, the company brings a wealth of expertise to the table. With a proven track record of success in crafting innovative solutions for a wide range of industries, the founder has garnered a reputation for excellence and reliability in the field.

Driven by a passion for innovation and leveraging extensive expertise, Aveneera was established with a clear mission: to empower companies to innovate faster and increase profitability. At Aveneera, we excel at turning visions into reality, utilizing our seasoned insights and unwavering commitment to propel your projects to new heights of success.



Commitment to Transparency: We uphold integrity by aligning our actions with our words. Treating employees and customers with respect is non-negotiable. Doing what's right, not just what's convenient, is our guiding principle for the benefit of everyone.


Cultivating a Positive Work Environment: We believe that content and fulfilled employees and contractors are the foundation of exceptional software. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where individuals are valued, encouraged to express their ideas, and enjoy a healthy work-life balance.


Customer-Centric Approach: Customers are the heartbeat of our business. We are passionate about serving them by adhering to deadlines, crafting exquisite software solutions, and maintaining open lines of communication. If you dream it, we can build it – our commitment to turning visions into reality is unwavering.


Agile Evolution: In an industry that evolves rapidly, we match the pace of innovation. Collaborating closely with our customers, we ensure they harness the latest technologies and methodologies, allowing us to collectively build software that stands at the forefront of innovation.



Freeing companies to innovate faster and increase profits.


Reshaping the software development landscape, empowering businesses with top-tier talent and contributing to a world where innovation knows no borders.

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