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Our developers and QA are well versed in many modern technologies.  When you request a developer or QA resource, we will then go out and find the perfect fit for your needs.  Check out some of the technologies we are already utilizing.

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack

Many times you want a developer who is an expert at both the front-end and back-end technologies, and you don't have enough work of either to require 2 separate developers.  In this case, the full stack developer is what you want.


Flutter Development


Why build a mobile app that works on both iOS and Android by building 2 separate apps in 2 separate languages?  Flutter allows you to use 1 codebase to build your app for both iOS and Android.  Stop hiring 2 separate teams to build the identical app.

Swift Programming Language

Swift (iOS)

Use Swift to build a dedicated mobile app for iPhones/iPads.  By doing this will you will have access all of the iOS specific tools.  Your app will function exactly how Apple wanted you to design it.

Android Programming Language


If you want to reach the most number of mobile users around the world, then Android is it!  Android represents roughly 70% of the world's users.  The benefit of this framework is it is based off Java... one of the most common programming languages out there.

Programming Languages

Java Development


Java is an amazing language that can create beautiful Android apps or large scale enterprise websites and web services.  Java is platform-independent and can handle large-scale applications with ease.

Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an amazing framework and language (Ruby) that allows you to build websites quickly with all the necessary tools that the Java world would provide.  It is less cumbersome to use than Java/Spring/etc.

Python Development


Python is simple and easily readable giving it the edge over many other languages.  It is an interpreted language instead of compiled.  Another benefit is its ability to be used on different platforms.  

C# Development


C# is another object-oriented programming language that is strongly typed.  It's very similar to Java and allows you to create large scale enterprise websites and Android/iOS apps.  

Cloud Platforms

AWS Platform

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is the market leader in cloud platforms.  It allows organizations to deploy their enterprise websites in a cost-effective way while providing layers of security.  AWS has many different resources an organization can utilize depending on their needs such as storage.  

Azure Development


Azure is the 2nd largest cloud platform just behind AWS.  Just like AWS, Azure allows organizations to deploy their enterprise websites and has many resources that could be used depending on the organizations needs such as analytics, storage and networking.

Front-End Frameworks

React JS Development

React JS/React Native

React JS is a Javascript library used to build the user interface of web applications.  It uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create interactive user interfaces.  React Native, on the other hand, is used to build applications that run on both iOS and Android devices while using native UI components and APIs.

Angular Development


Angular is a front-end framework that uses two-way data binding and a real DOM.  Additionally, it's a development platform built on TypeScript.  It is slightly more complex than React and thus requires more time to build your expertise.

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